"Play the game with a smile!"

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - Legend & Hall of Famer

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At this time our teams for the upcoming 2021 season are full. If opportunities arise in the future we will announce them on our social media accounts - Twitter and Facebook.

We anticipate having full open tryouts again next year for the following 2022 season. This is a unique year due to COVID with transitioning from one season to the next.


Want to see pictures of the girls in action this past season? Want to get the latest updates and announcements on our program? Check out our Facebook page and follow us. This is the best way to follow our program interactively. 

Testimonials & Musings

"Just some quick feedback as a person working with you on Let It Rain, not as a great friend: Your attention to detail and quick response time on everything is off the charts impressive. "


"What is even above and beyond is how  very organized and thought out  things are.  I do business with lots of trade partners, clients etc.... the ones that handle things the way that you do are the most successful.  No surprise."


"I know that you are busy with many other things and that becomes an excuse for many people.  It's been obvious to me that it would never be an excuse for you.  Accountability off the charts."


"Thank you for everything this season. It's been a great experience over the last couple years working with you on this. "


Tony Magestro - Coach 

"I'm very proud of these young athletes. They won championships, improved their skills and learned more about basketball." 


"But most importantly, they established new friendships! The best thing about sports is the friendships you make and friends you will have forever! It was a privilege to be their coach!!!"


Kendall Dahmen - Coach




It sounds cliche but LiR has been a positive aspect of not only our basketball world, but our attitude with youth sports.  It's so easy to get caught up in the crazy ideas and actions all around us , I'm sure you know what I mean, and LiR has been a part of reminding us what the important things are.  It's tough to balance things when you have a talented student-athlete who wants to compete but is still growing physically and emotionally.


Rich and I think you and your team of coaches have done an outstanding job.  Your building strong kids who have great basketball skills.


Kim Jazdzewski - Parent

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